Diet/Supplement Program: Dr. Prattle's Review

Sent our write-up of Leelo's diet/supplement program to Dr. Prattle for review. His response revealed few surprises, other than that Leelo doesn't have to avoid yeasted breads. So, our quietly expectant bread machine is going to become quite the workhorse. And, in a pinch, we can buy bread at Whole Foods.

Also, he's not entirely off fruit (not that he eats fruits besides the now-proscribed bananas). He can eat green apples, non-strawberry berries, and pears. He can drink diluted pear juice. OK then.

Totally off all citrus, though. This is indeed a bummer as I don't know how else we're going to get avocados into him--he will only eat guacamole prepared with avocado, garlic, lime, and salt. No substitutes, and don't mess with the proportions.

Dr. Prattle is also not worrying about calcium for now. He wants to monitor dairy sensitivities first.

Tomorrow will be the first clash between our traditional pediatrician and Dr. Prattle's recommendations, as I have to call and tell them that Leelo will be skipping the final phase of his hepatitis A vaccine--for now. Iz will still get her vaccination, though--and since she greets all injections with storms of heart-wrenching, terror-stricken sobs, it should be a real train wreck. Lordy lord.

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