Leelo has taken to attacking his sisters any time he can, particularly Mali. This means that I can't put the baby down. At all. Sometimes holding her up doesn't even help--he still launches a surprise attack, yelling and pulling her leg. Not surprisingly, her reaction to spotting her brother is now, "No no no!"

I know he is doing it for attention, and so does Iz. And I am very proud of Iz for holding it together most of the time, but I don't blame her for yelling back when he grabs two fistfuls of her hair and then pulls, hard. Nor can I keep it together very well when he starts doing it to kids outside our family, for instance Merlin who is already not always excited to see Leelo since our boy tends to wreck all his trains and cars.

We are trying to give Leelo as much positive attention as we can. Or I am, at least. Seymour just left to cash in his Christmas present from me: four days of mountain biking in Utah. With his lover Floyd. I hope they remembered their astr0glide.

Therapist L just called, though I didn't get to the phone on time. If she cancels for today (she has both Leelo sessions), I just might take all the kids for a day-long drive so that they can't actually touch each other. It's that or a hip flask.

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