You Guess! Again!

I am finding myself wishing rather mightily for a magic wand with which to fix everything. Not for myself, but for my friends and family. Here are the situations I am powerless to help resolve:

-Friend whose parents both died within a month of each other. And who had to put down his beloved dog that same month.

-Friend whose heart was yanked out of his chest and diced into bits by a partner who swore that he was fully committed, but then "changed his mind" after my friend surrendered his highly-guarded soul. My friend is still experiencing physiological reactions whenever he sees his ex.

-Friend in the hospital. Her partner, her children, her dying mother. So many unresolvables.

-Friend whose child was recently forcibly handed a ticket to Aspergers Land. As if the diagnosis itself wasn't difficult enough; his former teachers and administrators opted to handle things punitively rather than therapeutically. I hope they all rot in hell.

-Friend who is buckling in to help accompany her mother on the journey into Alzheimer's.

-Brother whose live-in love's mother died of cancer last week. His ex-wife's mother also died of cancer, right before their wedding.

-Brother whose father-in-law's cancer was supposed to have been cured but is in fact now metastatic and pervasive.

(My other brother watched his previous girlfriend's mother die of brain cancer. His new wife is very, very nervous. I am hoping that my family's cancer curse is limited to partners of male siblings.)

A big magic wand. That's what I want. The enchanted kind, not the one already sitting in my undewear drawer.

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