Bring on the Meds

Dr. Sheyenne said that she considered our boy an ideal candidate for meds, based on the extensive Leelo history she took from me yesterday. She will confirm this tomorrow after she actually meets him, observes him, and gives him a physical. If he passes muster, he'll get a prescription tomorrow afternoon.

The drug she's recommending is Adderup, a stimulant in the same class as Rita1in. Adderup has more dosing options than its more famous cousin, which Dr. S likes because she can "titrate to the milligram" when determining her patients' ideal doses.

I like Dr. S. She is clever, quick, and compassionate. I feel lucky to have found her.

I do not feel lucky about considering medicating our son. Now that it's a reality I feel even less lucky, and am definitely anxious. Seymour and I will talk about it more tonight.

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