Leelo Status

Friday Supervisor M and I went to ALSO Preschool for Leelo's parent/teacher conference. They are having a good time with Leelo but think that A) He should stay in the lower class of the two preschools for now owing to his sensory and attention-span issues, and B) That he will need to continue having an aide in the class during the summer for the same reasons. (Thankfully Therapist Y has agreed to take those morning shifts.)

I could view their pronouncements two ways: 1) There is not a whole lot of progress or change going on with our boy, or 2) He's in exactly the right place.

Tomorrow is our intake with Dr. Sheyenne, a local pediatric neurol0gist who has helped several families like ours determine whether or not meds are the way to go. Cross fingers for us, please! We are still looking for the magic elixir that will help Leelo focus long enough to think about who he is and what he wants to do.

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