Smash it UP!

That's what we'll be doing with Leelo's pill. I spoke to Dr. S yesterday, and she said that Adderrup is not bad-flavored and it is safe to mix with food as long as Leelo eats all the food. We agreed that it would be fine to put it in his morning rice milk cocktail, which currently also contains his multivitamin, calcium powder, and probiotics.

What I didn't realize until Seymour read my blog this morning for the first time in five days and then called me is that he and Dr. S had already had a long conversation about administrating the pill, and that she had suggested putting it in the almond butter in his morning sandwich. As Leelo tends to finish more of his sandwich than his cocktail, this solution is even better!

Leelo finished his antibiotics today. We'll give him a couple of days to recover, and then...

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