Mali Is All Done

It is rather difficult to try to feed all three kids plus myself dinner simultaneously. Even though the girls and I eat the same things and only Leelo gets special food, Mali is a very messy and impatient eater and requires a lot of attention.

She also needs minding because she sees no reason why she shouldn't stand up in her high chair after every bite. Nor has she yet heard a compelling argument as to why she shouldn't climb out of her high chair and attempt to lower herself to the floor when she's finished eating.

Today, she added a new item to her drive-Mommy-crazy-during-mealtimes agenda: while I was turned away from her so as to force Leelo to drink his antibiotic yet again, she climbed out of her chair and on to her tray, reached over the wide gap between tray and counter, placed the lid on the tabbouleh container from which I'd been feeding her, and announced to the room, "All done wif tabbouleh!" I then screamed and plucked her from the tray.

Her exact phrasing is one of Leelo's more complex spontaneous utterance types. Another combined cheer and sigh.

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