Are We There Yet?

As we were driving to school this morning, Leelo casually asked me, "Where are we going, Mommy?" I almost rear-ended the Cayenne* in front of me.

He has never before asked any sort of abstract, wh- based question. In fact he's never asked a complete question at all--he tends to use statements with interrogative intonations ("Go up the stairs?"). And he has certainly never used the pronoun "we."

Possibly he's imitating his older sister's constant use of the phrase in question. And it's likely that he'll never use it again. But he certainly blew the lid off of my morning, in a good way.

In answer to his question, I told him that we were going to his school to see Teacher W. His response: "Bye-bye, Teacher W!"

*Car-loving Therapist Y, who is from central Michigan and has lived here less than a year, is still slightly slack-jawed about this area's overabundance of luxury vehicles.

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