What's a Mother to Do?

How are you going to spend Mothers Day? I intend to spend several gloriously uninterrupted hours making out with my to-do list (below). Seymour is skeptical, but I have assured him that getting shit done is really what will make me the happiest. That, and the truly faboo brunch we'll be attending mid-day at the coastal restaurant with the talented bartenders.

Embarrassingly, many of March's to-do items are still hanging around, looking sheepish. And the list is far from complete, but I'm not even bothering with the minutiae involved in organizing the entire house and purging 50% of its contents so as to transform the office into Leelo's new bedroom/therapy room.

Here 'tis:


  • Send out June tax installments, record
  • Contact estate attorney re: final changes to will
  • Fill out specific requests portion of will (so we get cremated and tossed instead of buried and rotted)
  • Tell mom, baby bro where to find will particulars


  • Consolidate kids’ college accounts
  • Transfer girls’ college accounts to 529 plans
  • Set up new accounts for stock transfers
  • Transfer reameroo acounts to more reasonable firm


  • Call Public Works/Planning re: whether or not we can resume designing
  • Start researching kitchen and bathroom appliances (dent/scratch/floor models) in process
  • List of design changes to Architects
    • Kiddie pen between house and studio
    • Shaded area outside kitchen/dining room for pleasant outdoornessness
    • place to put keys just inside door
    • adjacent washer/dryer rather than stacked (we've way too much laundry for stacked)
    • 48" gas range rather than electric wall ovens
    • warming drawer
    • A1to Shaam goes in pantry, it is UGLY
  • Write Building dept head asking for permission to live/build simultaneously
  • Follow up with Deadwood water district re: will serve letter
  • File all related documents/create folder in process
  • Find landscape architect
  • Make list of all xeriscaperiffic plants that do well in yard despite deer, and at which times of year in process

Iron Gate Leftovers

  • Return handbook
  • Mend and return nursery playmat handles as promised. In June.


  • Mend or bribe someone to mend stack of mending items in office.


  • Blitz campaign for new Leelo store
  • Follow up with District re: behavioral assessment and summer/fall placement
  • Send in Handicapped placard application?
  • Get Seymour to have conversation with Dr. S re: Addera11
  • Finish Overcoming Autism book chapter on stims
  • Finish writing captions in Leelo’s Day book from two years ago
  • More shorts for our tubby Leelo


  • Get tickets for August Seattle trip (in which Iz will attend the PNB Ballet camp with cousin Leigh to appease their grandmother and Auntie Bree, and I will try not to vomit each morning she skips out the door looking like a wittle faiwy pwincess) in process
  • Find out if Therapist L can come to Seattle, if not ask Therapist Y
  • Ask mom about San Diego trip: Late June or Mid-August
  • Get kids passports in case Mexico via San Diego is an option


  • Replace bald back tire
  • Schedule recall appointment with dealer
  • Retrieve extra keys from roof


  • Transfer Out1ook mail folders in process
  • Transfer to do and other lists from Pa1m
  • Finish converting Win music files to iTune5, transfer to Mac


  • List of top secret unbloggable projects


  • UCSF Eval (really)
  • Thursday's MYND Institute visit with Mali and Leelo


  • Reschedule Iz’s eye appointment
  • Schedule Leelo’s annual eye appointment
  • Schedule Mali’s first eye appointment
  • Reschedule Iz’s dental appointment
  • Iz: 7 year checkup
  • Reschedule my own dental appointment


  • Consolidate infant items for TLF, mail off
  • Mail Iz’s already-written birthday thx notes (I am going to hell for this)

Bills, etc.

  • Pay stack of ignored bills

Book Ordering

  • Go through kid’s stack of shredded books, evaluate repairability
  • Order/Replace non-repairable books
  • Repair fixable books in process
  • Order books for Esperanza’s in class reading program
  • Order Outside Lies Magic/Stilgoe book for Ambah
  • Put netting on cherry tree so we rather than squirrels get to eat this year's crop
  • Fix garage door

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