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Note: I started this three days ago. Three very busy days ago.

We're going to put Leelo on Adderrup.

Seymour had a sufficiently reassuring talk with Dr. S yesterday. We both feel as informed as possible about the drug's potential effects, both negative (it could make him more aggressive, anxious, etc.) and positive (the effects are immediate and can be astounding).

The idea is to start it on a regular ol' day. Only problem is, we won't be having one of those for a while. I don't want to try it on a school day (M, T, W), because I no longer work in Leelo's classrooms (yeah!) so I won't be around to see what happens. Thursdays or Fridays or weekends are ideal, but this Thursday Seymour and I have a morning meeting across the bay with the architects (which also means I'll miss Bad Moms' Coffee for the second week in a row). Friday though Monday Seymour will be mountain biking in Utah--with my blessings. So perhaps next Friday or Thursday.

Actually, now that I think about it, we wouldn't be able to start Adderrup until then anyhow. Leelo has traded in his tasty plantar war for a strange, pulsing, infected blister on his toe. It's nasty enough that his pediatrician put him on antibiotics immediately. I don't really feel like subjecting our usually drug-free boy to two different medications simultaneously, even if they don't contraindicate each other. The antibiotics will be over and done with by the 23rd.

If I last that long, that is. As Leelo gets older, bigger, and stronger, his disinclination for any part of his body to be examined, to undergo any routine medical procedures, or to take any medications has grown, too. Last week at the MYND Institute, it took four adults to hold him down for a blood draw--even so, he wriggled free just as the needle came out of his arm, and spurted blood all over us and the floor. What parent needs caffeine when several harsh jolts of adrenaline are available?

Leelo's non-compliance makes dosing him with liquid antibiotics really interesting, especially when the doses are too large to fit in a dropper and need to be administered by a a dosage spoon. (WTF, I don't know what those fucking things are called.) Initially I had to dose him by sitting on his chest and pinning his arms to his side with my knees, but now he will--over the course of fifteen minutes and 50 or so tiny spitty sips--drink the antibiotic voluntarily, with only about 5% spilling onto his shirt.

I picked up the Adderrup yesterday. It comes in pill form. I have no how to dose him with a pill; he has taken only liquids or powders mixed in beverages, for years. Any ideas?

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