Why Didn't I Get a Laptop Two Years Ago?

I am sitting in the street (yes, literally) in front of Sage's house while she tries her gentle best to get Leelo to comply with speech therapy, and while Mali snoozes in the car. (The signal inside the car is too weak, and I don't want to move the car lest fitful sleeper Mali awakes.)

This is my first ever surreptitious wireless network leeching effort, and I am hooked. I just fixed the two Flickr posts below (Flickr and my blog template are skeptical of each other) and emailed Armada about how I'm not certain Iz needs two afternoons of Spanish a week on top of the stress of acclimating to Big Noggin intensity. Still with my butt touching asphalt and bird songs whirling about my head.

Lately I have decided that I am irritated by everyone, that I have no idea how to talk to or listen to anyone, specifically how to discuss any topic or talk about anyone without saying or writing something really negative, bitchy, or underhanded--if I ever get to that point because generally my M.O. is to turn the conversation around to me and my life. I would not blame my partner in any way if he feels stranded in an emotional desert, nor would I deny that I am short-tempered and generally negative and impatient with my children.

I have written many times about how Leelo's lack of social skills can most likely be traced to my dad. But between the two is a direct connection, and that is me. Nerdy and socially clueless.

Which brings me back around to a comment of Ep's. After I wrote the post below about inviting over families with special needs kids, she reminded me that in the past I blogged about not wanting to go over to other peoples' homes with Leelo. And that was true--before we had Babysitter A in our lives and realized that, with enough child handlers, social events can be pleasant and even fun. Also, I don't necessarily always want to go to events, but I do like to be invited.

Leelo's session is almost over. Time to go grump back in my own, internet-free home.

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