Just as I was thinking how lucky I am to have met so many cool people as a result of this blog, Liz Ditz shows up to Bad Moms' Coffee! And Godmother Stacy came too. Glee!

So sad that Badger and Jo weren't there to dive into the conversation(s), which started spinning so fast that the sound barrier was breached. I think I stepped on at least five of Mary's sentences, so excited was I about the intelligent energy field enveloping our table.

Mostly we talked about schools, people being freaks about schools, parenting perfectionism, giving your kids time to dick around instead of scheduling their every last moment of free time, the Muffia, the Denise Clark Pope talk I went to last week and about which I will write soon (really), homeschooling, people willing to make snap judgements about the unsuitability of neighborhood schools they have never visited and to whose families they have never even spoken (fucktards), Big Noggin sucking up enrichment resources for the Deadwood school district, etc.

Even though I wanted to hear Liz talk because of her commitment to and knowledge about education, I kept nattering on because that's what I do when I get overexcited. But please come back, Liz!

Leelo stepped on my camera and broke its viewscreen, so you'll have to make do with a backlit MacBook image of today's Bad Moms' Coffee Collective:

Mary, Ep, Godmother Stacy, JP, Liz

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