School Districting

We are still negotiating Leelo's entry into the Deadwood school district's special ed services division. Here's the status on a number of points based on my conversation with my contact Pim:

The IEP papers are not yet ready. They will be ready, and I will sign them, this week. They will include speech therapy and occupational therapy goals.

Pim offered to pay for Leelo's summer school at ALSO, though they will not be able to supply him with an aide.

With regards to Leelo's school aide in the Fall, they do not have anyone assigned yet. In fact there is a district shortage. She suggested that I have Therapist Y apply; she said that there would be a 90% chance of having him assigned to Leelo. I will ask Therapist Y but suspect that once you get private rates you don't go back to district ones.

The Behavioral (autism) school district class is definitely happening in the Fall, and Leelo is in. What they do not yet know is at which school. She said that the board would be meeting this week to determine its location.

Pim mentioned that FECES was available to do a behavioral assessment on Leelo, but that they did not have any openings in their ongoing programs. She thinks it is therefore silly to have them do an assessment at all. I will ask her about the alternative that Supervisor M suggested, having them reimburse us for our existing program rather than contracting with Supervisor M directly, at least until we find out about her NPA status.

I forgot to ask her about reimbursement for Sage. Durr.

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