Bouncing and Behaving

We got Leelo a new trampoline because he couldn't lie down on the old one any more. Lying down is important because then he can say, "Come on the trampoline, Mommy!" and when I do, he can then say, "We're sleeping on the trampoline!" Descriptive interactions like this, with appropriate language and spontaneous pretending, are rare. Therefore a new trampoline was a priority.

Here are all three taking advantage of the new equipment. These videos were taken two weeks ago, since that time Leelo's technique has become much more like Iz's. Our boy will bounce on his new bouncer for a good 30 minutes straight.

P.S. I don't know why the videos are so grainy compared to SJ's, nor do I know why I sound like such a treacle-sucking idiot.

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