Because I Am Totally Punchy

As long as I'm polluting the blogosphere with the raw sewage contained in all these posts, how about a nice grab bag entry:

Today was the BigNoggin new student orientation. It was very mellow. I wondered if I would see anyone from our past, specifically obnoxious parents of precocious children from playgroups past, but my pessimism was thwarted when to my great delight I ran into a buddy I hadn't seen in seven years, and whose son will be in Iz's class. Very exciting.

I am listening to Fishbone's first EP. A happy rocket back to high school.

Have you seen Dirty Pretty Things? You should. Not only is it better than I can praise it for being, but Benedict Wong has the most amazing voice. I wish he'd had a bigger part. Also you should see Swimming Pool if only to voice an opinion on what it might possibly have been about. However, if like me you crave well-made juvenile comedies, then I suggest Harold & Kumar, European Vacation, or Shaun of the Dead.

I haven't been writing about my personal life much, kids only. This is because everyone I know--well, almost everyone I know--is in a state of misery or beyond stressed, and I'm dealing with it all offline.

You should, however, know that Ep, Mary Tsao, Badger, and I met Aye1et Waldman on Saturday. She was delightful, chatty, and approchable. After a brief conversation regarding Bezerkely as a roosting place (plusses: co-op bookstores, yoga studios, and salvage yards; minuses: the Liberal Mafia never sleeps), she expressed surprise that we cool kids could hail from Deadwood; I assured her that we are legion.

Also I had a real-world conversation with one of my favorite, previously virtual, friends this afternoon, Lea. You all so wish you were me, don't you? Minus the nursing complexion and the three screaming kids?

And those kids:

Leelo likes to sing, even though he's not very good about remembering lyrics. But just today he figured out how to ask for us to sing with him: he came up to me and said, "I like to sing, Mommy!" That thud was me fainting with joy.

I fainted again yesterday in overhearing part of a conversation between Merlin and Iz. I didn't hear what Merlin said, but Iz responded with a very measured, "No, I don't want my brother out of my life. I like having him around." Or something like that. Perhaps Ep heard specifics.

Someone has taught Mali how to count. It wasn't me. But if you say "one," she says "two!" and so on up to twelve. I've no idea where she got this from.

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