39 Weeks

Never made it this far before--first baby was 3 weeks early, Iz was 13 days early, Leelo was 10 days early. Most intriguing. Ready to go. Don't want to be responsible for anything about Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and so am wondering how to get this little person motivated to appear and remove me from the scene. That way also I'll win the betting pool.

Suggestions so far:
-Sex (yeah...right)
-Spicy food
-Any others?

I was once again a whirling ball of energy last night, trying to complete all sorts of never-before-considered last minute tasks. My mom remarked that I must be getting that last pre-labor energy burst, and that the baby should definitely be coming soon! Didn't have the heart to tell her that I'd accidentally ordered a regular latte, right before dinner.

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