No, No, No

No, Jo, I am not in labor. But I am feeling disoriented and disorganized--five million things to do and can't concentrate on any of them.

Last-minute errands for today:

Baby Store: bassinet sheets, changing pad, changing pad covers, christening present for my nephew Daniel whose parents have chosen me (!) to be his Catholic godmother, and whose baptism is tomorrow. Heathen Seymour is to be the godfather. Hope the priest doesn't check his credentials. Or ask me if I've been to Mass in the last two years.

Bookstore: Holiday books for various folks. I think my brother who works for the DOD will like Stephenson's Quicksilver. Therapist L will like vegetarian cookbooks. Don't know what the heck to get Seymour's dad.

Waldorfy Store: Obnoxious presents for family babies whose parents will either appreciate such things, or who I snottily think chew on too much plastic.

Salon: Iz and I to get mom/daughter manicures/pedicures--reward for her for stopping chewing on her toenails (groooooosss!). I just like to have nice feet in the delivery room.

Baby/labor bags packed, need to go in the car. Reading: I am bringing some writing from a non-blogging friend, and Artemis Fowl even though the informal writing style is distracting and sets my teeth on edge. I can't bring the main book I'm reading as if I fall asleep while holding it and it falls on the baby, it'd crush the poor little bit.

Off to the cafe, hopefully to be joined by Badger and co.

Woke up this morning with bad gas pains that won't go away. Somewhat worrisome, as this is how Leelo's entrance into the world was precipitated.

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