Wanna Make a Bet?

Leelo's party is tomorrow. Normally I would make some sort of coloring book or activity book to hand out to partygoers, but this pregnancy carpal tunnel situation is so bad that it hurts to hold a hairbrush, let alone a pen. So intead, you are all getting minimally illustrated CDs of Leelo's favorite songs. And yes, they're pretty much all the same songs you got last year for Iz's party, but these are the songs Leelo sings and asks for right now, and the specific mix makes him one happy (if runny-nosed and completely loopy) little boy.

Plus, now I have a cold. Which, under normal circumstances, means I crawl into my bed and hide. Not gonna happen. Sigh.

To distract you from my pathetic mewling, you could always try placing a wager on the thirdling's arrival. Click on the picture of my big fat belly at right to put in your marker.

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