Big Fat Leelo Updates

Leelo just hasn't been doing as well lately as he had been about six months earlier. Part of this is his having been ill (low grade, but real) for the last few weeks. Part of it may be that we measure most of his progress in terms of his expressive (spoken) language, whereas lately his big strides have been in receptive language (understanding, following directions) and gross/fine motor skills.

Still, he's having a rough time. You can tell by this past week's
team meeting notes.

Another explanation may be that his system is all fucked up again. I had a big long meeting with the inestimable Dr. P (our DAN! doctor) this morning, to go over our progress during the last 8 months. Here are the horribly written, quickly dashed off notes.

Quick version: Our boy has a yeast overgrowth (again) and a gut flora imbalance. This will make a person act crazy/drunk, I do believe that. We need to treat it. Eliminate sugar, try some new antifungals, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. No problem.

Dr. P also would like us to take him off of dairy, peanuts, almonds, and soy. But not gluten, which is a relief. Still, our vegetarian boy gets all his protein from the soy and the almonds. Don't know what the fark we're supposed to do about that. I may get a second opinion on this matter, as these sensitivities were determined by IgE and IgG measurements, which are controversial. They may simply indicate that, yes, he does indeed eat a whole lot of those items.

Leelo is deficient in a lot of minerals and vitamins. Dr. P thinks that this is due to his gut's inability to properly absorbs/transfer nutrients, due to the critter infestations and resulting inflammation.

Finally, he is once again pushing chelation. A softer, gentler form: Transdermal DMPS cream. We're to research and consider that. In the mean time, a combo of B12, TMG (like DMG but superpowered) and Folinic Acid (absorbable Folic Acid) should help boost some of the enzyme pathways that mercury may be suppressing.

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