THAT Weekend Has Finally Arrived

Yes indeed, it's the weekend when I finally transform the office into a nursery. I even have a deadline: 2:00 on Sunday when Iz's godmother Stacy and her fine, strong partner arrive to help move the futon and armoire out, and the changing table and crib in. The desk/computer/filing cabinets stay. We don't have anywhere else to put them.

Anyone who's ever been allowed to see "The Hole" knows that, unless someone is coming to stay with us and I have shoved all visible detritus inside the armoire, it generally looks like a bomb has been placed inside a box of random papers and crap shortly before detonation.

There is a system which makes sense to me, me, me, but I'm not the only one who lives here. Seymour has put up with this for 10 years. I don't know why I can keep the rest of the house semi-organized but fail utterly in this space.

I would take before/after pictures but many of those random piles of crap contain holiday gifts and we can't have that.

Wish me luck and not too many lengthy detours as I find and moon over old papers, etc.

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