I still am not sure why, as this didn't happen during my other pregnancies, but I spent yesterday in absolute misery. Absolute. The baby dropped, and in doing so crushed my bladder and rearranged my ligaments to the extent that any change in position was excruciating. Somehow I got all those errands done (except the books, which dear Seymour retrieved) even though all walking had to be done in teeny-tiny steps, as though my feet were bound.

The drop was accompanied by lots of nausea and malaise. Fun for my family! I spent the non-errand part of the day downstairs in the nursery/office, verrrrry sloooowly doing what needed to be done. As the discomfort increased, I contacted the OB on call. She was not in the least impressed, said that these were all typical late-pregnancy symptoms, and that I should go to bed. Which I did.

Today is better. Not 100%, but I am semi-functional. Or at least I feel reasonably certain that I won't spent the entirety of Baby Daniel's christening sporting a rictus grin.

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