And Then There's Iz

Really having a good time with her, when I'm not forcefully reminding myself that We Are Not a Corporal Punishment Family. Love her, but sometimes also want to tie her to the roof and leave her there for a while.

Right now we are reading The Silver Chair as her bed time story. She was overcome with joy when the friends discovered that the Dark Knight was really Prince Rilian! And then they got to slay the "vicious worm" that killed Rilian's mother! She finds the closure and vengeance most satisfying. Although she keeps bugging me about the "live jewels" part of the story, which I've been using as bait since we started the story.

I get the feeling that school is really overwhelming for her, and is the basis for her frequent bad moods and bouts of intransigence, of late. All that fucking homework all the time, all those unmoderated social interactions. Plus we've all been sick for two weeks, and I am short-tempered and hormonal. Thankfully November is a mellow month for her, with Veteran's day holidays, Thanksgiving holidays, and a week of early release days due to parent/teacher conferences.

Oh, and that parent/teacher conference should be interesting. Yesterday Iz's maestra (teacher) told me that Iz's Spanish reading comprehension is lagging behind her actual "reading," which she does at light speed. I agreed, and said that I thought she was doing pretty well for only having started in August. She raised her eyebrows and nodded and agreed that our girl was doing very well indeed.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my night to myself, but as I would probably only use it to nest, I am instead going to have dinner with our girl and then take her to see Les Incroyables.


Seymour and me a few days ago, "So, what is bronze made out of again? Copper and iron?" Iz, piping up from the back seat: "It's copper and tin."

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