Literally. That is what Iz's teacher said about Iz's Spanish reading and comprehension during our parent/teacher conference last night. Apparently, after only three months' exposure to Spanish, our girl is already reading several grade levels ahead. Hmm.

Of course, she is also defiant, disorganized, and distractable. So it all balances out. We're to make a chore chart for her at home to help her become more responsible.

Iz has also figured out how to manipulate her classmates into cleaning up for her, as needed. Sneaky thing. Never, ever give that girl an "in," or you're toast.

She got a "needs work" in her English class. I asked the teacher what they did in this class (which is taught by a different instructor). She said that they listen to short stories, and then discuss what it's about, what is the beginning, middle, end, etc. I asked if they were aware that Iz already knows how to read in English, quite well, and she said she didn't know, and will mention it to the other teacher. Yeah, that might be an issue--she just might be, perhaps, BORED OUT OF HER FUCKING GOURD.

But for the most part, the teacher agrees that Iz is working at or above grade level, and is appropriately placed. Whew.

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