Thirty-Eight Weeks

As of today. But no progress on dilation or effacement. Maybe I'll go full term with this one. Wow--two more weeks to get shit done; what a luxury that would be! Giddy's already on the slippery D/E slope, so maybe her little bit will beat ours. May as well go order that Thanksgiving turkey.

Had a meeting with our doula yesterday, about various logistical issues such as what to do if the baby is indeed born on the front porch. She also reminded me about the Vitamin K shot, which I'd spaced out on. They usually give it to the babies as soon as they're born, so if we're to avoid it we'll have to be 100% on top of things. Doula A says she can bring oral vitamin K instead, which is just as effective.

In the mean time I will try to eat things that boost my own transferred vitamin K supply, like dark green leafies. I made sushi for dinner last night figuring that nori had to be in that category (plus homemade sushi is one of the simplest and quickest dinners around).

Not writing much lately because things are just wacky beyond belief. There is a tidal swell of boxes left over from the nursery transformation plus holiday gift deliveries and baby paraphernalia deliveries--it is taking over every room in the house. Somehow I've got to tame and reorganize that while getting all the holiday shopping and shipping shipped and shopped. Gack. Not a moment to breathe, which of course means it's time for another three-hour Iron Gate meeting this evening, and Iz gets out one hour early every day between now and Thanksgiving.

Leelo is a fricking nut job today. We ran out of DMG and so today is his first day without it (we're going to eliminate it and see what happens, as we never noticed any change in his behavior after it was introduced), but he's no different than he was yesterday. Nuts! No language! Thank heavens for the limitless patience of his therapists.

Much more but, again, no time to think. More later, mayhaps.

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