Sigh. I know that a state's showing up on the electoral map as red doesn't mean that everyone in that state voted for those fuckers, but JESUS CHRIST. I can't believe that people are so scared that they're willing to sacrifice their children's future, especially that of their girl-children. I guess, like I've been told and suspected many a time, our little Californian island of liberal daydreams is not connected to most of the rest of the country.

Anyhow. A bit of levity on this otherwise depressing morning:

Iz: "Mommy, why is it so funny that you're a nun for Halloween when you're pregnant?"

Me: "Well, Iz, nuns are supposed to be celibate. So they usually don't get pregnant, because they're not supposed to have sex."

Iz: (not knowing how the word is spelled), "That must be why they call them 'nones!'"

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