Can't Deal!

I can't stand having all these people in my tiny house! Where there is only enough room for everything exactly and if you don't put things back precisely where they belong, it all starts erupting into this clutter miasma.

Where people don't understand that when I say "you need to be downstairs or outside when Leelo is working," that doesn't mean go upstairs and use the phone right next to him and Therapist F and talk very loudly so Leelo can't concentrate even one bit. Jesus Fricking Kee-RIST.

If I am this grouchy the baby must be coming soon. Or maybe it's just that it's Tuesday, our very worst day for busy-ness anyhow, I turned my alarm off this morning after the first blast and since Seymour has an only a tenuous grasp of the realities of alarm-setting vs. scheduling, we all woke up late late late, plus I've all sorts of gardening work scheduled for this morning with flaky people who don't always return my calls...why am I even bothering writing about all this! I have nesting to do.

Apologies for the boring domestic rantiness of everything lately, but if you come here for reality then, hey, that's what reality is these days.

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