Thoroughly Confused

I guess "every pregnancy is different," but WTF? This baby should have been here by now.

Although I am ever so grateful to have made it through the absolutely scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner that everyone else cooked while I sat by the odd stove insert in our fireplace and systematically incinerated a good chunk of the documents that the shredding people wanted $200 to dispose of. (When you're a crazy pregnant lady, people cut you lots of slack.)

We used all our china and crystal and silverware. The latter had never been used even though it was a wedding gift from almost a decade ago. Seymour's mom, the cutlery benefactress, was absolutely tickled that we finally busted it out. It'll probably be another decade before she sees it again (it all has to be hand-washed--right!), but there is no contesting how pretty it looked.

My mom and Seymour's parents were dishwashing angels. Bless them! But since we don't normally make food for 15 people when we're only entertaining six, they ran us out of every square inch of foil, tupperware, ziplok baggies, waxed paper, and every other storage-type device or material in the house. Time to target the store of the same name.

Off to enjoy a bonus day of extreme nesting.

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