High and Tight

Since I have been too crazy to blog much lately, I have decided to slow down and make this a day of posts. Tons and tons and tons! Your eyes will glaze over. Even Jo will get fed up.

Tuesday is now official OB visit day. My doctor determined that the baby's head is still not lowered or engaged (I would have said "yes, I know!" but I was too out of breath as the baby is still occupying most of my usual lung-space). Nothing going on in terms of dilation or effacement. Whew.

There was a really fun moment when the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat, before she realized that her machine wasn't hooked up properly.

We are 37 weeks as of today. If I drop this puppy tomorrow, it will be considered full-term. Although it will be born into a completely unprepared house. I need another week or two, minimum.

Note to all pregnant nesting ladies out there: Do Not Go To Targgget in this state. I am still hauling bags out of the back of the car, and it's been over 24 hours since the actual pillaging took place. Although now I have nursing pads, and really, what else does one need?

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