Big Fat Ugly Pregnant Lady

Note: I tried to publish this twice already today, but Blogger kept barfing.

Although I am not ready to be done because my house is a wreck and we still have to get through Leelo's birthday party this weekend, I am soooooo ready to be done.

For some reason, the people from whom we purchased our home installed floor-to-ceiling mirrors on our bedroom closet doors. I accidentally got a full-length view of my naked bulbous body yesterday, and screamed out loud. Gaaaaah!

My nose is a giant blob. My complexion looks like someone tried to attack me with a fine-gauge cheese grater, or a rasp. My hands have suddenly inflated, meaning that the rings I could easily take off two weeks ago were removed only after a ten-minute soak in cold water, an application of oil, and a lot of painful tugging. Most of my shirts and pants no longer meet in the front. My cervix, apparently, is already open, not because I'm dilating, really, but according to my OB "because you've already had a lot of kids."


Anyhow, if anyone wants to start making bets on arrival times, I suspect Jo would be more than willing to act as bookie. I am going to bet on the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 24, seven days before the actual due date of Dec. 1. My rationale being that Iz was 13 days early and Leelo was 10 days early.

Anyhow. Off to coffee.

BTW: things are getting fiery in the comments for yesterday's Suspira entry. Check it out.

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