Awww, Baby's First Ear Infection

Brought Mali to Dr. G because she still hasn't shaken lingering nasal congestion from that cold of 3+ weeks back. He says she's fine, but that she has an infection in her left ear. Since it is red but not bulging or oozing pus, he was amenable to calling in an antibiotic prescription, on the understanding that she doesn't need it now, but that I am to go get it if she becomes noticeably fussy or spikes a fever.

*Sigh* I am having nightmarish flashback visions of Leelo and those 20+ ear infections before he was two. And I don't remember him getting sick until he was 6 months old. Anyone have ideas about natural ways to stop ear infections from progressing? Or things I can eat/do to help Mali's immune system go into overdrive?

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