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Iz's Spanish in in high gear now. She's starting to forget which language she's talking in, and will prattle on en Espanol endlessly. Just like she does in English.

My mom (former piano teacher) spent a bit of Iz's visit teaching her grandchild some introductory songs on the piano. Apparently Iz memorized four pieces instantly and is well on her way to becoming the next prodigy and we should put her in lessons now! That is the recommendation of her overly proud grandmother, anyhow. I don't see any harm in starting lessons and all I really care about is that Iz enjoys herself. But then we'd have to find somewhere to shoehorn in a keyboard...

Poor Iz should probably have been spending part of that time doing the homework I'd asked my mom to ensure got done. Except it didn't--I probably should have told Iz to make sure it got done, instead. We then had a week's worth of work crammed into a three-day screamfest, during which she took a moment to look truly pathetic and plea, "You shouldn't yell at me!" Aaigh! Little manipulator.

She's still amazing me with the things she's interested in. Yesterday, she was asking me whether or not I thought the Vin1and Map was real, and why (thank you, N0va). She apparently spent much of this morning quizzing Seymour on the properties of various lever types (thank you, The Way Things W0rk), and that must have been right after she was telling me about the interrelation of bony growth plates and cartilage and how their connectivity varies with age (thank you, book from Badger). Note that none of this learning is coming from me...good thing she's self-directed.

Her manners still leave much to be desired, though. I think she isn't emotionally mature enough to comprehend the social significance of courtesy. Not that she's awful; she just doesn't remember her pleases and thank yous in many social situations.

Leelo has been having a very very good last few days. He even had a good speech therapy session yesterday, the first in weeks (possibly months). Great language, even better receptive language, engaging us in asking for books and puzzles and wanting to look through the photos of his classmates, taking verbal cues from his environment.

So then we have to wonder: is it the B12 shots? His refusal to eat Veggie B00ty since the barfing flu episode of three weeks back, and the subsequent removal of soy from his diet? Our changing to a different probiotic in the last five days since his other one (Ther-Bi0tic det0x support) ran out and is difficult to locate? The engaging play of Babysitter A (whose hours aren't going to be cut back so dramatically after all, whew)? Seymour thinks it's the latter.

As always, who knows. I'm grateful.

Just now the little guy took time out to pet Pat the cat. He's never done that before--petting rather than thwacking. Pat seemed to enjoy it. I told him to give Pat a bite of his dinner, and he did that too, though he took it back before Pat could even sniff it properly. Amazing.

Mali seems quite healthy despite the ear infection. She is at that stage where, when she sees me or Seymour, her whole face lights up and she smiles as large and gapingly as she can, and wriggles her whole body with delight. So much fun.

She has been sleeping spectacularly well lately. No caffeine or milk for me, plus putting her in her extra-cozy Baby J3di sleeper outfit seems to do the trick. She's been putting in solid sleep from 10:00 to 6:30 A.M., sometimes longer. And she's resumed being pleasant and sleeping a lot during the day. Yesterday she started getting really fussy at around 9:30 and I was wondering why for--then I realized that she was tired and wanted to go to bed...poor little thirdling; no one bothers to put you on any sort of schedule whatsoever.

She is extra-alert and cute these days. I don't remember the other two being quite so alert and aware and strong at this point, but that's probably just my crappy memory. Last night we were lying in bed next to each other and she wanted to get closer to me. She spent a good five minutes focusing on trying to roll over onto her tummy to do so--she got onto her side and almost all the way over, but the many layers of the J3di sleeper were her undoing. Still, she never cried until the end, but kept trying over and over and over. She might be another tenacious one. Gak.

While she can be very smiley, she is mostly focusing on looking at things. My mother says that she is going to be a "processor" like Iz was as a baby (Leelo was very smiley). The ceiling fans at the restaurant last night were a revelation--but then again they never do cease to blow babies' minds.

I am too tired to write anything else, plus BSG is on. Time to sign off. If you got this far, go get yourself a cookie. You've earned it.

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