Bouncy Bouncy

We are considering getting a trampoline. One of those big round ones surrounded by a net. Since I have no impulse control, were it up to me it would have been installed already. However, Seymour is worried about it being an attractive nuisance. Anyone out there have a story to tell or opinion to share on the subject?

BTW, Iz is on day two of a nasty flu bug. Barfing, sleeping, headache (but not stiff neck), sore throat, and tons of flatulence. Not to mention grouchy. Oh yes, she is the ideal companion with whom to be trapped in the house in the rain all day long.

Seymour stayed home with us yesterday as we'd already had the day slotted to play hooky and go to the aquarium, but today he's putting the (other) yoke back on. Anyone who wants to drive by and toss care packages on our deck is welcome to do so.

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