Extreme Nursing!

That's what Jo declared it to be when, after 3/4 mile of screaming baby hiking, I stuck Mali on the tap and continued down the trail. Didn't know what else to do; she wasn't going to stop crying any other way even though being put in the Bj0rn normally knocks her out, and I'd promised Sophie, Iz, and Leelo (and Jo, Seymour, and good-natured Babysitter A) that we were on our way back home. So now I have another line item for my resume.

What a glorious, glorious, almost-spring day. Didn't get to the gardening, but spending a mellow, convivial, burrito-and-GS cookie-fueled afternoon with Jo and Sophie was more than worth it. Ah, friends!

The Leelo leaps continue: "Put window UP!" (he knows directions? Since when?) "Want to play in the rice!" and, most sweetly, offering one of his new pacifier/chewies to Mali when she cried. We've never told him to do that or even shown him that we do that--this is learning by observation (not an autism strong point), and possibly a display of empathy. Wow.

Iz is still ill-mannered but seems to be coming out of it a bit. But she did have a high point this week in that she's decided to eat some vegetables now (after years of a mostly meat diet). I asked her to consider that, since she was getting older, some of her taste buds might have died off and her tastes might have changed and she might want to try the (extra sweet teriyaki stir fry) broccoli we'd made for dinner. So she did. And she liked it!

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