Laundry Listing Yet Again

We just planned a whirlwind Seatttle trip for Easter weekend. One of these days we're going to see something of that lovely town besides Seymour's folks' place and the local Tennis Club. Not that I'm complaining; I just feel several decades underage and a stone or two over standard whenever we're brunching with that particular racquet set.

(Aside: Can't help but snicker at a certain upmarket catalog's carrying chocolate Easter bunnies marked "Kosher.")

The real incentive behind the trip is depositing Iz with Seymour's folks for the remainder of that week. Oh my, it should be interesting. But they asked for her...

Tonight Iz started telling me about how one of the mobiles in her room looks black and white at night because when the lights go out she's mostly using the rods in her eyes, not the cones. I asked where she got this very cool information and she informed me that it was in her new Magic Skool Bus book. Intriguing, as that book is written entirely in Spanish.

She is now writing complete paragraphs en Español, according to her weekly Spanish tutor. Makes me wonder if our girl is going to need her tutor for much longer. Guess we'll find out during next week's parent-teacher conference.

Leelo had more good things going on today, though he was also loopy for lots of it. At school he came up to me as if he was in need. I asked him what he wanted, and he said "I want to play!" and ran off to do so.

He took a crap in the potty. Yeah! He looked rather shocked, truth be told. And he made a huge mess. But I am still pleased.

He has been doing a lot of interactive reciting of his books: he says a line from one of his favorites and then we have to say the next line; or where he says a line and we repeat it and then he says the next line. Two days ago we did Brown Byear, Brown Byear in its entirety (no book present), today it was Dr. Seuxss's ABC. He gets the biggest kick imaginable out of this--it is almost as exciting to him as having someone jump out and scare him.

Mali continues to be the cutest snuggliest happiest most wonderful baby ever. Lots of big happy extended super-smiley sessions. Vocalizing a lot. Last night she and Seymour had a twenty minute conversation. Today she had a lot to say to Jo and Ep, leading Jo to remark "another one!" If Mali does indeed talk as much as her sister, I'm going to need an isolation tank.

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