One for the "Well, DUH" File

A recent article in the LA Times describes how the Texan school districts with the highest rates of environmental mercury just happen to also have the highest rates of children with autism.

Gotta love this excerpt:
"The study does not prove that mercury causes autism, cautioned the lead author, Raymond F. Palmer of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, but it provides a "provocative" clue that should be further investigated."

Also love the part where they mentioned how an outlier county with high autism rates lacked correspondingly high levels of tracked mercury emissions--then mentioned that those folks lived next to the region's biggest mercury mine.

All this makes me ponder the chelation issue once again, even though I just had a conversation with Dr. P, our good biomed/DAN! doctor, telling him that we weren't pursuing that option.

He had called in response to a fax I'd sent him asking about the next steps for Leelo's biomedical program. And here they are:

-Take Leelo off of Amphotericyn (anti-fungal)
-Start TMGEE
-Start Folycal
-Start Glootamine

He wants us to introduce those first, before reintroducing NewThera, Calcium, and Cod Liver Oil, and introducing CoCuTen. He said we should wait 72 hours between introductions/changes, but I think we're going to wait 7 days just to be absolutely sure.

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