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Did I ever write about anything besides the kids' daily doings? Blech.

Leelo has started doing his occupational therapy 1 hour session on Mondays at 8 A.M. instead of that same day at 4:10 P.M. His OT, M, says she can really tell the difference in his attention span. I can certainly tell the difference in my lack-of-awakeness in having to be in The Shores by 8 A.M., let me tell you. On the way back, he kept requesting his in-flight breakfast with a very distinct, connected, and articulated "yes" as opposed to the trained parrot version we usually get. Nice. Not nice is his deliberately locking me and Mali out on the back porch this afternoon.

Mali has learned to deliberately remove her socks via her opposing feet. She is also firmly rejecting her 60 seconds of daily tummy time by defiantly flipping over to her back. I looked up what 3 month old babies are supposed to be doing (since I have no idea--as far as I remember they suddenly become semi-sentient non-newborns at 6 months) and found that they are supposed to be grasping rattles and shaking them. We haven't really been giving her opportunities to do anything other than sit in her car seat or bouncy chair, so I gave her this crinkly flower thingie that I believe is the top of a stacking toy from the Gidster. Instant graspy fascination. Starting to put her in 3-6 mo gear. More options for dress up, which is always fun.

Iz is back from school and still grouchy. I think she needs more sleep. I know I do.

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