Lovely to Look at

What is it with ABA therapists? Therapist C, who is taking over for Therapist F when she moves back to her home country-that-is-a-continent next week, is here for her first day of training. She is, of course, drop-dead gorgeous and sweet as candied orange peel.

I thought perhaps the trend towards traffic-stopping looks was limited to our immediate experience (Therapist L is, and Therapist T was, in the same category), but Supervisor M confirms that the ABA conferences she attends are full of women who are too good-hearted to sign those supermodel contracts. And, for some reason, schlumpy guys.

Meanwhile, the Iron Gate moms report that their partners are all very, very sad to see Therapist F go. Not nearly as sad as we are, but then their needs with regards to her are somewhat different than ours.

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