That is me being JUST FUCKING ANGRY!!!

Babysitter C is here for the first time in three weeks. Lest you get all our childcare providers mixed up, she is the only one who watches children other than Leelo, giving me a desperately needed break once each week.

I am supposed to be on my way to dinner with Seymour at our favorite 1ndian restaurant. Instead I am sitting here waiting for Seymour to call me back. Why? So he can tell me whether or not his credit card is in his wallet. Why? Because then I can call back the credit card company and tell them what our status is. Why? Because I just reviewed our credit card activity online and found some funky charges from San Dieggy. Why did I check the activity? Because I reviewed my online booking to Hawa-ii just before going out the door, and found that it hadn't actually been booked, and I need to be able to call them back so they can book it before the fare expires.

GAAAAAH! I just want a few fucking minutes! That is ALL! For ME! In a world where my SMTP server isn't on the fritz and I can send email not just receive it, and my dishwasher works so I can put dishes in there and rinse them so the ants don't attack them hourly, where the phones don't have a weird buzzing sound that makes any phone call torture (like the three listed above), where I can eat dairy and drink caffeine and where every surface in the fucking house isn't covered with crap and where every single one of our five clothes hampers isn't overflowing even though I just did five loads of laundry and for fuck's sake I know this blog has degenerated into a whine-fest but I have just about had it.

Five minutes. That is ALL. For FUCK's SAKE!


Post-dinner update: After all that, I tripped going down the stairs (in the rain, in the dark, carrying Mali in her car seat, natch) and took out my knee and ankle! Yeah! Bring it on! Not-really-important-inconveniencing stuff, anyhow. All this shit can keep coming as long as me and mine are healthy and well.

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