Lovely Leelo List

Yesterday he asked to "color with crayon," and did so spontaneously for the first time in his entire life. I am going to hermetically seal that piece of scribbly art in helium/glass and treasure it forever!

He also gave the haircutters no problem yesterday. This in direct contrast to his usual screaming, crying, and flailing. Wow. Perhaps I can resume taking him instead of making it a Seymour duty.

He made it through an entire grocery trip run without a fuss, and without even kicking off his shoes once.

He's also back on "reading" books, and having them read to him.

There items are huge. Huge! Excitement! Plus it was a gorgeous warm sunny day for the first time in weeks.

Iz and I are going to spend today doing some gardening. Dahlias, hydrangea, freesias, primulas, hear me now...you will all do our bidding.

In the midst of last week's stressfest, I found particular albums are almost equivalent to the long hot baths that are my usual release valve. So here's to Bl0ssom Dearie's 0nce Upon a Summertime, and E1vis Coste11o's G3t Happy.

And of course last week's Kumars, which featured Patrick St3wart--the funniest show on the tube, sprinkled with TNG jokes? Heaven!! You must all come over and watch it. Plus BSG had--and I am not kidding here--actual moments of levity amidst the somber faces and life or death decisions. TV is good again. Well, cable TV anyhow.

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