Before the Long Story

Leelo has not, so far, had any reaction to going off Amphotericyn/hard core antifungals, that I can discern anyhow. It has been eight days. His behavior and language have remained wonderful, which is surprising since travel is usually stressful for him.

He did have more BMs than usual this past weekend (two during our flight home, praise the Goddesses of Lactation who put Mali on the tap both times; praise my patient husband for tackling both with good humor), but I suspect this is because I was too damn lazy to bring his refrigerated probiotics on our trip. Though the manufacturers say it's no big deal to miss a couple of doses.

We were going to try another supplement in two days, but today Leelo asked for Veggie B00ty for the first time in two months. We really, really want to do only one change at a time, so I guess VB is our Leelo factor for the next ten days.

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