Her Reaction

Took Iz to ice cream today, and casually mentioned that one of Leelo's classmates' families just adopted a baby. She asked why one would do something like that, and I gave the standard answer about sometimes women get pregnant accidentally, and are then not in a position to care for the child. Followed by a discussion of the people we know who are adopted. She was moderately interested.
I then told her that I had given up a baby boy when I was 20, for the previously described reasons.

Her reaction: "How old were you when you had me?"
Me: "Twenty-nine. A lot can happen in nine years."
Iz: (looking pensive)
Me: "What's on your mind?"
Iz: "I'm adding 6 + 9. So he's fifteen?"
Me: "Around there."
Iz: "How did you get pregnant?"
Me: "Uh, the usual way."
Iz: "I mean WHY did you get pregnant?"
Me: "My birth control didn't work" (ed. note: see Mali)
Iz: "You should have used Saisonelle!"

I'm sure she's going to have lots of questions, but for now she seems to be remarkably unimpressed.

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