Quick, Lee!

Leelo asked me for one of his stim toys today (a "tinkertoy"). I had it in my pocket and asked him what color it was, and he replied "the tinkertoy is orange" without seeing it. I believe he used to do this long ago with his Th0mas trains, but it's still nice to see that he remembers colors without the visual prompt.

Therapist F is leaving because her fiancee took a job in her country of birth with the thought that it would make F happy. Normally it would, but coming two weeks before the wedding/honeymoon it just makes her a stress puppy. Not to mention all the months of work they put in getting her U.S. visa.

Therapist L has promised that she has no plans to leave us any time soon.

Supervisor M, staying here.

My mom is leaving tomorrow. She got here Sat. night. She pretty much spent the entire visit in bed with the flu, poor dear.

Iz has being particularly grouchy all week. I am not liking it at all.

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