Things You Never Want to Hear a Six-Year-Old Say

"Mommy! Come and see what I've done with the toilet paper!"


Seymour has a new email account! Write him and give him some love. seymour D0T rosenberg AT gmail D0T com. (Do not substitute any names.)

Leelo now thinks it's funny to reply to requests with a big laughing "NO!" and a roll away. Charming when we're late getting Iz to school and I'm trying to get his shoes on. So guess who walked to the car and back shoeless this morning? It's not worth the effort, folks.

Frantically typing as I've five thousand things to do (oh, God, this pig sty of a house is stressing me out) and one never knows when the sleeping baby will awake. A ten minute nap? A one hour nap? Who knows!

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