By Comparison

Who is this Mali baby? She looks nothing like her siblings at the same age:

Guess which babies are which?

This is the last set of baby pix I'll be posting, as Mali is beginning to look like a real, unique, rather than random, baby.

Ways in which Mali is similar to her siblings:

Like Leelo, she has given up the binky, at just about the same age. Like him also, she loves sucking on her hands. Though with Leelo we couldn't get the mitts out of his mouth by this age.

Like Izzy, she is a very social, chatty baby who likes to sleep with her hands next to her ears.

Unlike either of them, she has stick-straight hair. No one in either of our families has straight hair. Alien baby!

She is grasping and kicking at things with her feet. Putting everything within reach into her mouth. And doing a bundle of other things that I'll remember in the middle of the night or when changing a diaper or when trapped in the rocker with a heavy sleepy please-don't-wake-her baby in my lap and can't get to a pen or a keyboard.

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