I am still working on the Long Story. Which isn't really all that long, but it's longer than two minutes of jot-time allows for.

Poor Mali. I thought she had a blocked tear duct like Leelo, but by yesterday evening her eyes were rivers of goo. Off to the pediatrician this A.M. Again. We still haven't quite settled the vaccine issues with them, so it is going to be a cagey environment until things are finalized.

Another third child story: I still have her in size one diapers, because my brother and his partner gave us a gross of the things, and my policy is that if we haven't run out of them, then they still fit her. While we were up in Seatttle I used a size three on her (Seymour's parents have five grandchildren under six; they stock such things) and it fit beautifully. No leaking or pinching. Imagine!

She continues to be very alert, very into observing all that goes on around her. Happy to see us from across the room. So intrigued by the water I was drinking last night that she tried it herself a few times (it all dribbled down her chest, but then I was using a cup, not a bottle). Thrilled that her hands work so well, and that she can bring them together to grab and manipulate items and shove them in her mouth. A darling, cheerful baby.

My last trimester is almost officially over. I'm shedding, leaving that lush pregnancy hair wherever I go. Still have the talons, though. I'll have to post a picture before I cut them off--which I will have to do because my hygiene is not up to the task. Stinky stuff gets stuck under long nails.

Leelo had a sadness party in his room from 1:30 to 4:00 last night. Seymour and I took it in shifts, but we're both still dragging. I wonder if he misses Iz?

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