JM came over for Mali's 5 month old baby photo shoot today. I am amazed at how he was able to transform our living room into a photo studio, and even more impressed by the gorgeous pictures he took (he has instant laptop display for the digital images).

Mali surprised us by doing her first ever back-to-front roll in the middle of the shoot. A nice, well documented milestone. Leelo didn't roll over in either direction until he was a couple of weeks older than she is now--and then he did it back-to-front several times before I actually caught him in the act.

We made certain to get a photo of Mali looking backwards at us from over her plush little bottom.

Seymour and JM discovered that, if you want to get a really great shot of three otherwise inattentive children in perfectly aligned three-quarter face, put a favorite DVD on a laptop just to the side of the photographer.

Iz spent most of the session consulting her cookbook and planning our post-shoot dinner. She shopped for it with Seymour, and even helped with part of one recipe before her attention wandered back to her books.

JM stayed for a subtle but satisfying roast chicken and vegetables, prefaced by leek and potato soup. Iz took a couple of bites of the soup but was really only interested in eating every last scrap of flesh off the drumsticks.

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