Mali is just the cutest sweetest baby ever. Big googly happy smiles for everyone. Lets us know that she's awake by chirping and squealing. She has stopped doing her "tiger chuff" cough when she wants something. Now she just yells.

She is not easily placated, however. If she is mad, she will stay mad until you make things better. No hoping she'll fall asleep in the car even though she's hungry. No. She will yell until you pull off the freeway and meet her needs.

Eyes are still blue. Light blue. Her hair is indeterminate--Seymour has declared it calico as it can look blonde, brown, or bright red. Her eyebrows still look gingery.

She is a substantial baby. Each buttock is more than a handful.

She loves to stick her legs straight up in the air when placed on her back. Grabs our arms and looks us straight in the eye as if to say, "Now that I've got your attention, let's talk." If she's hungry, she grabs my hair and one ear, pulls my head in hard, and starts slurping on my cheek.

Photographer JM is coming over today to document her five-month-old cuteness as we did with both of her siblings.

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