From the Archives of a Flake

I am one of those people who will be led to Hell by my nose, stumbling over all my good intentions along the way. I mean well, but my follow through is close to non-existent.

But I'm working on it. Here are some images from important events I forgot to blog about or even talk about much this year:

Two images from Iz's faboo 6th birthday party (January), in which a magician made his wallet catch on fire and the utility of jumpy houses was reinforced one more time:

Guess who the flannel-shirted jumpy house participant is and win an ice cream cone!

The view from Mali's welcoming ceremony in San Dieggy. Gouda's mom the UU minister performed the ceremony as she did for Leelo and Iz, and harnessed many tangible, benevolent spirits yet again. That's Elise in the red dress.

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