Your Fortune Says:

Mali took an hour-long nap on Tuesday. In bed.

This is the first time in months that she's take a nap of more than 10 minutes, unless I was holding her. Nice precedent. I don't think it's coincidence that it happened on the one morning of the week in which I wasn't frantically running errands with her in tow.

She is really figuring out those hands. I love it when she uses them to grab my chin--I know she's probably not really "making" me look at her, but it seems that way. I also love that she becomes instantly ecstatic when she's waiting for me to look at her, and I do so.

She still doesn't really have eyebrows. They are transparent and gingery. The other two had eyebrows by now.

I am already feeling sad about the milestones she's just about to hit. Purposeful locomotion instead of happenstance rocking/rolling. Solid foods.

Part of the sadness is projected nostalgia, but part of it is practical. If she starts moving, then we can't leave her in our bed in the morning while we do our toilettes; she could scoot to the side and fall out. If she's eating solid foods, that means I'll have to start making them. And taking them with us.

There are still days when I fret about her eye contact. But I think that five month old babies really don't like the kind of fully-sustained eye contact I keep trying to get from her unless they're in the right mood.

MYND Institute appointment coming up soon.

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