Leelo Update

We started Leelo on the supplement TMG yesterday. I hadn't meant to do so until the boy's cold was completely gone, but Seymour's hearing is still off and he didn't hear the last part of "We need to start TMG next, but should wait until Leelo's all better."

He had a really great yesterday. His eye contact seemed to be all back to normal, even before the TMG dose. Spent the entire day asking anyone within reach--including Iz, and by name--to please draw him a house or a car on the MagnaD00dle. The bulk of this task fell to Seymour; I'm guessing he drew over a hundred items yesterday.

His requests are getting even better. Yesterday as we sat in our favorite sushi restaurant, he spied one of the decorations, and declared "I want to play with the boat!"

He is cute and sweet and I wish I had more time to devote to him and him alone. As I wish I could with Seymour and Iz, too. Mali the wee parasite I'm not so worried about--she gets held by one person or another all day long. Going to learn to use that sling, yes I am.

I love that he enjoys giving hugs so much, even though he doesn't do it all the time and they're more like half-nelsons.

He had two inappropriate giggling attacks today, but I suspect they're because he did his patented Cobra Strike on some "M and M candies" that got spilled on the floor.

Therapist S starts tomorrow. Hurrah! She will be Leelo's school aide only, for now. I'm getting my Monday and Friday mornings back, and my peace of mind during Wednesday workdays, too.

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